Calculated Custom Fields

Create the data You are missing and use them everywhere, in the content sheet, insights and reports.

Highlighed features

Some of the most distinctive features of Calculated Custom Fields.

Full Flexibilty

Create simple or complex calculations, with support of all Sigma columns, custom fields and constants.

Calculation criteria

Set up criteria as rules for when the calculations are to be performed

No limit

Create as many Calculated Custom Fields as You need.

Automatic recalculation

Any changes to the underlying data will automatically be reflected.

Template support

Set up the Calculated Custom Field in Your template and benefit in all your projects.

With Calculated Custom Fields You have the option to create any calculation You need from all the numeric Sigma columns, constants and other regular custom fields.


Here are some of the most frequent questions.


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Do I need programming skills?

No, not at all. You simply enter your formula in a single field. And You have the option to build your formula using dropdown menus.

Can I use another Calculated Custom Field in the formula?

At the moment, no. This is to ensure circular references don’t occur, but it is on the roadmap to make it possible.

Do I need the Enterprise edition of EG Sigma?

No, Calculated Custom Fields works with all editions of EG Sigma.

Is it available for a floating license?

Yes, please reach out and we can set that up – no problem.

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