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Calculated Custom Fields – Edit field

When creating or editing a calculated custom field you will see this window.

edit calculated custom field
  1. Enter a name.
    The calculated custom field must always have a name. The name will also be used for the ID in Sigma.
  2. Build the formula
    When building the formula, simply place the cursor in the formula field and select the desired field from either Sigma Fields, Constants or Custom Fields. And for the rest, simply enter text.
    Note: The fields will be encapsulated for the App to recognize them. Please do not change anything inside these capsules.
  3. Set up criteria (optional)
    If you only want the calculation to be performed in certain cases, you have the option to set up a criteria which has to be true before the calculation is performed for the component. Ie. you may only want to perform the calculation in case the Category is “Labor”.
  4. Press Evaluate
    Once you have set up your formula, press the Evaluate button to get the formula validated. If no errors or problems are identified with the formula, you can press OK and you are done.
  5. Add to view
    The last thing to do is to go to the Columns of the Content view and add the new column.

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