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Word Reporting – Create report

When You want to create a new report template, You start with a new Word document, as you normally would. Or if You have an existing report in Word already it will make the process a lot quicker, as You can build on top of this. Either make a copy of the existing document or overwrite it.

When You want to add Sigma values to the document, You do this by selecting the value-type from one of the dropdowns in the ribbon. This will insert a placeholder, which will have its content replaced with the corresponding Sigma value at the report creation time (when You press the report button in Sigma).

NOTE: You can get all of the values from an existing Sigma file so You don’t have to enter them all. You do this by Loading a Sigma file (press the “Load Sigma File” button). Your report will not use the values from the Sigma project – it will only extract the values-types, like report variables, insight view and so on.

For each of the values-types there are settings You can use to change the behavior and layout of the control. Please see the articles for the advanced controls to modify those settings.

NOTE: Make sure to leave the content-control after modifying the settings, as they otherwise won’t take effect. Also note, that if the only modification You have made to the document is a setting change, You may have to add (and remove) a space in the document, in order for Word to recognize the document has been modified.

Once You have inserted all of the Sigma values You want in the report, go ahead and save the document and open Sigma. In the Settings section of the Word Reporting App, go to the reports tab and Add the report. Enter a name and select the Word document.

You’re all set and can use the report for any project.

Note: Of course the project has to have the report variables and so on, if they have been used in the report template.

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