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Word Reporting – installation

The following is an instruction on how to install the Word Reporting App. The first part is for installing it in Sigma. The second is to install it in Word. It is only necessary to install the Word plugin for those who are to set up the Word template. Those who only need to print the report from Sigma, only needs to install it in Sigma.

Installation in Sigma

  1. Doubleclick the sigmapackage-file or drag it into Sigma. Click Yes to install.
  2. Read and accept the EULA
  3. The installation is completed

Installation in Word

  1. Go to the Word Report tab in Sigma and press Settings. Go to the Word addin tab and press the button “Install Word addin”.
  2. You may get a Windows UAC dialog. In that case, press Yes to continue the installation.
  3. When the installer is startet, press Next.
  4. Choose to install for just you or all users on the machine.
  5. Read an accept the EULA and press Next.
  6. Click Next to confirm the installation.
  7. Click Close. The installation is completed.
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