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Word Reporting – Releases

Download the latest version here: download

Below is the latest release notes for the Word Reporting App.

VersionRelease dateNotesDownload link
3.1.1June 2023Fixed: Alternatives issue for Tree componentdownload
3.1.0May 2023Added: date formatting for report variables
Added: Alternatives for Tree Component
Fixed: tree component levels issue for printTo and ShowTotals
3.0.3Nov. 2022Fixed: Spacing issue in report variable
3.0.2Oct. 2022Fixed: Number formatting to include thousand-separator
Changed: Made Word start in print view
Changed: help-links to point to new URL
Changed: Exception logging URL
3.0.1Oct. 2022– Fixed: ConditionalShow issue where Criteria didn’t evaluate correctly
– Fixed: ConditionalShow issue with tables either causing error or still showing empty if criteria was not met
3.0.0Sep. 2022– Added: TreeComponent control
– Added: Level filtering to Insight configuration
– Enhanced: Filter options (Grouping) and updated UI
– Added: folder option for reports (all word documents in folder)
2.2.5Feb. 2022– Added: “Hide details for items without unit”. It is now possible to have prices and quantities hidden for items without unit in Insights.

Note: The first releases are not included.

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