Word Reporting

Create beautiful reports directly in Word and utilize the flexibility and customization options available in Word.

Highlighted features

Some of the most distinctive features of Word Reporting.

Full Flexibilty

Set up the report any way You want it, with styling and layout.


Rename columns

For insights You have the option to rename the columns to whatever You wish.

Advanced controls

Like the “Conditional Show”, where the content is only shown in case the defined condition is met.

Include images

Include component note images in the treeview component

After creation editing

Make the final touches or other adjustments after the report has been created. It’s easy, since it’s in Word.

Column Order

Choose the order of the columns, if the default is not to your liking.

Unlimited reports

Create as many reports as You wish.


Word Reports allows you to use Microsoft Word for your reports. You set up your report template in word and define which Sigma values you want – and exactly where you want them. Then you use your Word template to create reports for all the Sigma calculations you want to and the Sigma values in the calculation is automatically included in your report in the locations you have specified.


Here are some of the most frequent questions.


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Can I use the same report for multiple projects?

Absolutely! When You have set up your Word report template, it can be reused for any project.

Do I need programming skills?

No, not at all. It’s a matter of drag’n drop, selecting options in the ribbon and entering text, just as You are used to in Word.

Do I need the Enterprise edition of EG Sigma?

No, Word reporting works with all editions of EG Sigma.

Is it available for a floating license?

Yes, please reach out and we can set that up – no problem.

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