Track Changes

Keep track of who has done what and when. No more unclearity about which changes has been made by who or when. Or what they have changed.

Highlighed features

Some of the most distinctive features of Track Changes.

Track everything

Tracks every change made in the content sheet.

Flexible display options

Choose whether to show changes in 1,2 or 3 columns and how to show the changed data as well.

Unlimitted trackings

Keep track of every change forever or set a limit of changes to track for each item.

Highlight changes

Get changed items bookmarked to easely identify and find afterwards.

Group changes

Group changed data into one change entry by setting grouping to the desired time frame.


With Track Changes You no longer have to wonder or question who made which change. You just check the Tracked changes. And with the bookmarking enabled, changes are easy and fast to find, making the review proces smoother.


Here are some of the most frequent questions.


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Do I need programming skills?

No, not at all. You simply set up how you want your tracking to be done and displayed and that’s it!

Can I track changes other places in Sigma, besides the content sheet?

At the moment, no. This is not something Sigma offers as of yet. But as soon as it becomes possible, it will be included in the App.

Do I need the Enterprise edition of EG Sigma?

No, Track Changes works with all editions of EG Sigma.

Is it available for a floating license?

Yes, please reach out and we can set that up – no problem.

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