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Calculated Custom Fields – Settings

When entering the settings for Calculated custom fields, there a two tabs. The first tab show the calculated custom fields. The second tab the following settings.

Auto UpdateCheck this if you want the App to automatically update the results of the calculations whenever a value is changed for the component. Ie. Quantity or Unit price.
Use 1 for empty valuesCheck this if you want the App to substitute empty values in the formula with 1. This will ensure, that even though a value is not entered in one of the fields in the formula, the calculation will still be performed.
Use 0 as resultCheck this if you want 0 displayed as the result for invalid or non-performed calculations. The default is empty string (nothing).
Show in DataCheck this if you want the ribbon-band to be shown in the Data-tab instead of in its own Tab.
Send error reportsCheck this if you want to send the reports to AppsForSigma for analysis.
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