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Track Changes – Settings

When entering the settings for there are the following settings.

Use Track ChangesCheck this if you want Track Changes to be enabled. This setting can also be enabled/disabled directly in the Ribbon.
Username/initialsEnter your username or initials, which will be used to identify who has made the changes.
Fields to showChoose how you want changes to be displayed. Changes contains username, date and changes and can be split into 1,2 or 3 columns or can be grouped together.
Group changes pr.Choose which time interval to group changes by. Ie, if you select “Minute”, all changes made within the same minute will be grouped as one change.
Entries to showChoose how many change entries to show at a time.
Show changes asChoose how changes should be displayed.
Entries to keepChoose how many entries you want to keep. Note: if you choose a fixed number, changes older than the last number will be gone, once enough new changes has been made.
Use “Changed” bookmarkCheck this if you want the “Changed” bookmark to be set for items that are changed.
Show in ToolsCheck this if you want Track Changes to be shown in the Tools Tab.
Send error reportsCheck this if you want error reports to be sent automatically for inspection.
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